Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League at
Chapman Hill Ice Rink and Ski Area

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Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League (DARHL) at Chapman Hill Ice Rink

2017/18 Durango Adult Hockey League
Schedules are complete.  We wanted to give a quick assessment of this years league.
We have 4 teams in level 1, 7 teams in level 3, 5 teams in level 4 and 15 teams in level 5.  These are difficult numbers for doing a consistent schedule.  Level 5 is very difficult as it take 7 games to get through one round robin and it leaves one team with a bye.  So over the Holiday break in December, it leaves many teams with a 4 week break.  This happens do to youth hockey games that are stacked up right after the holiday not allowing for many adult games.  This same plays out over Snowdown weekend and not having games for the Super Bowl and again at Spring Break. We worked hard this past Thursday with the captains of all the levels, to make even numbered and fewer number of teams with more levels of hockey.  Many of the captains did not want to make changes in their level and after 5 hours of phone calls, we decided to keep the levels and all the teams where the captains had registered their teams.  In Level 3 and 4 the same results as level 5 but for different reasons.  With so few teams and an odd number of teams, gaps come up due to the length of the schedule.  Level 5 will see many gaps throughout there schedule in order to spread their games out over their long season. On the plus side we are done one week earlier than last season and we had an extra week in December to get more games in due to the 9R break being one week later this year. We have worked hard over the last couple of days to make the best possible schedule and minimize gaps and minimize the number of 10:30 games.  As always we ask you to check your schedule and make sure there are no double headers and any other issues you see that can be corrected.  Thanks for being part of the league and remember it's for fun!

See you at the Rink!

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