Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League at
Chapman Hill Ice Rink and Ski Area

Presented by Skywalker Construction
Extreme Sports Team

Winter/Spring 17-18 Season


General League Information


Team registration fees and rosters will be accepted starting:

Tuesday, October 24th, 10/24/17 at 9:00 am and continues through 11/15/16, at 5:00 PM.

Registration fee is $2,300/team and is due on 11/15/17 at 5:00PM.

No team registrations will be accepted after 11/15/17 at 5:00PM.  No exceptions!

The registration fee must be submitted as single payment of $2300.  Split payments will not be accepted.

League Divisions / Levels:

Level 1 (highest), Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 and Level 7 (entry)

League Format

The DARHL format will be a 15 game season followed by a single-elimination tournament.  Each team is guaranteed at least 16 games.

The Game Clock

Each game will be played with 3, 12-minute stop-clock periods.  Teams will have a 4 minute warm up and a 2 minute break in between periods.  Game time will be adjusted as needed to keep games from running long.


If the game ends in a tie, a 3 minute 3-on-3 “sudden death” overtime period will be played.  The first team to score wins.  If no team scores in sudden death, the game ends in a tie.  Extra overtime periods will be added for playoff games if necessary until there is a winner.

Required Hockey Equipment / Jerseys

All players must wear a helmet with a chin-strap, hockey gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey stick, padded pants and skates during all hockey games.  Helmets with at least a half-shield are mandatory in Levels 3-4-5-6-7.  Level 1 & 2 players have the option of wearing a helmet without a cage or shield.  Anyone in Levels 3-4-5-6 wishing to play without a cage/ shield must submit a notarized release form to the League Director before playing.  In the event two teams with the same colors are scheduled to play, the team listed second on the schedule must wear alternative jerseys.  Teams are required to have uniforms with numbers corresponding to a player name at the start of the season.   Goalies must wear a sweater that corresponds with their teams colors.

League Schedules

Schedules will be available online (durangoadulthockeyleague.com) on Friday, 11/24/17 at 5:00 PM


Team trophies will be awarded to winners of each level.


Points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss, overtime loss, or forfeit.  In the event a tie exists in the standings, the first tiebreaker will be determined by head to head record, the second tiebreaker will be goal differential.  If teams are still tied, the third tiebreaker is fewest penalty minutes.

Goalie Rule

Goalies on a Level 1 roster can only play for Level 1.  Goalies on a Level 2 roster can only play for Level 1, Level 2.  Goalies on a Level 3 roster can play in Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Goalies on a Level 4 rosters are eligible to play in any level.


Anyone engaged in a City Recreation sport must sign the roster / liability waiver form before he / she is allowed to participate. If a person plays without signing the roster the team will forfeit the game(s) he/she has played.  Team captains are responsible for any forged signature or ineligible players. 

  • A player may only appear on one roster.   No player may play for more than one team (except for goalies.)
  • The “roster freeze” will go into effect after the first 2 regular season games.  Any roster changes must be made prior to the roster freeze, unless approved by league Program Director.
  • The maximum number of players that may appear on a team roster is twenty (20.) If a player is dropped from a roster, he / she may only transfer to another team with Program Director’s approval.
  • A player must have played in at least 5 regular season games, in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs.  Injured players do not apply but must be declared injured to the league director via e-mail.
  • Program Director has the right to add a player or players to a team after the roster freeze is imposed if he or she deems it in the best interest of the league.
  • Before the start of each game, team captains are responsible for making sure all of his or her team sign the score sheet BEFORE stepping on the ice for warm-ups.  In order for this to happen, players must first report to the ‘Scorers Table’ in between the two penalty boxes.
  • Player numbers must match players on rosters.   
  • “Sand baggers” 2 Teams must bring it to the attention of the League Director before via e-mail before and a vote will be initiated.  The teams in the level will vote on the said player and majority will decide.  A tie vote will fall to the League Director.

Punctuality / Player Ratio

Teams are expected to be dressed, ready to play, and warmed up by the scheduled game time. Game time is forfeit time (this includes goalies).  Teams will be allowed to begin the game only if they have at least four (4) players plus a goalie dressed for a particular game.  If a team has 3 or fewer players, the game is a forfeit and the opposing team will be awarded a 2-0 victory.  Players arriving late may join teams after play has started, but can not enter until the next substitution opportunity.


A team that forfeits two or more league games during the season is eliminated from playoff competition.  This includes forfeits due to league discipline.

Game Cancellations

Games canceled due to inclement weather conditions, unsafe conditions, scheduling conflicts, etc. will not be rescheduled.


Team captains must declare themselves to all officials at the start of each game.  All communication with referees and the scorekeeper must be made by the team captain and must occur during official game breaks. Communication with referees must occur in the referee circle and only during a stoppage of play.  We are incorporating a “no tolerance” policy regarding arguing/discussions with referees.  Any communication with the refs during game play could result in a major ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ penalty. 


When a player or coach is ejected before, during, or after a contest, he/she must immediately vacate the ice area, return to the locker room and then remove him or herself from the confines of Chapman Hill within five minutes.  Team captains are responsible for his/her removal and for informing the offending player that he or she must sit out the next game.  If the ejected player has not left the premises within five minutes, his/her team will receive a forfeit for the current and next scheduled game.  ANY PLAYER EJECTED FROM A GAME FOR AN ACCUMULATION OF 8 MINUTES OF PENALTIES OR ANY OTHER REASON WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE NEXT SCHEDULED GAME. 

Bench Clearing

If a player or players (not already on the ice) jump onto the ice during an altercation, their team(s) will automatically be assessed with a forfeit for that game and next two scheduled games.  Bench clearing is defined as up to one person leaving the bench to start or continue and altercation with a referee or player(s). Any players leaving the bench for any reason will be suspended for the league season.


If a suspended player plays in a game, the team captain on the offending players’ team will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.  If a suspended player manages to play a game without serving his or her suspension or fines, that players’ team will automatically forfeit each game the suspended player played in (in addition to the team captain being suspended for the rest of the year, playoffs included).  The offending player will then be suspended for the remainder of the season, and the offending team and player will be placed on probation for the following season.


8 minutes in penalties are subject to misconduct with a one game suspension.  Receiving 8 minutes in penalties in one game will not result in a $40.00 fine.   Any 10 minute misconduct will be result in a one game suspension.  More than two games with 8 minutes in penalties will result in a 2 game suspension and $40.00 fine.


Protests involving referee decisions will not be considered.  All referee decisions are final.  The Rink Manager/League Director has final say over any DARHL issue. 

Rules for Fans

Rowdy, belligerent fans will cause a team to be issued a penalty or a forfeit if they do not refrain from disruptive comments and/or behavior.  Referees have the discretion to issue penalties and/or forfeits regarding fan behavior.  No fans are allowed on players benches. No horns or bells!!

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at Chapman Hill.  Games can be called because of alcohol consumption amongst players or fans.  If a player is caught with alcohol on Chapman Hill property it will be an automatic 2 game suspension. A second offence will be removal from the league.


Highlighted Rules and Information

These are amended rules only


All games will be played using current USA Hockey Rules (except as amended in this manual.)


Minor = 2 minutes

Double Minor = 4 minutes

Major Penalty = 5/10 minutes (if a player receives a Major Penalty, he/she is done for the game, must sit the next game, must pay a $40 fine before playing again, and also must have a player on his or her team serve the 10-minute penalty he/she received).

Goal Crease

Unless pushed by a defending player, no player may be in the goal crease of the opposing team unless the puck is also in the crease.  A goal crease violation results in a face off outside the opponent’s zone.


No picks, no blocks, no checks, and no holding will be permitted.  All interference will result in a minor penalty.  Interference will be called when a defending player not playing the puck interferes with an opposing player.  Goalie interference will result in a penalty.


Aggressive or flagrant slashing will not be tolerated.  A minor/major penalty will be issued.

Hooking / Tripping

Impeding a player’s progress will result in a minor penalty.  Tripping an offensive player will automatically be called regardless if the offender is going for the puck or not.

Checking / Boarding

Body checking / boarding is not permitted and will result in an automatic minor penalty.  Excessive pushing and shoving will result in a major penalty.

On Ice Altercation

An “on ice altercation” is defined as taking part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of a stick or other object as a weapon.  This includes pushing and shoving style altercation.

“On ice altercation” will result in the immediate removal of player(s) from the facility and a two game suspension and a $40 fine will be imposed.  A second “On ice altercation” offence will result in a one season suspension.  If players do not remove themselves from Chapman Hill within five minutes of being removed from the game, the game will result in a forfeit for one or both teams.  The offending team’s captain is responsible for the removal of a player from the premises.  


The use of profanity will not be tolerated and will result in an “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty.  All unsportsmanlike conduct will result in an automatic two-minute penalty or up to a 10 minute major.

Game Ejection

Officials have the right at any time to remove a player from the rink for a misconduct situation.  The league supervisor and Parks and Recreation staff following the game will hand down all following rulings.

Misconduct Fines

A $40.00 fine will be assessed to any player receiving a misconduct penalty that is aggressive in nature based on ref’s decision at game time. In order to give notice to teams of the misconducts Refs will “meet” immediately after the decision captains will be notified of the penalty.  Time will be taken off of the game clock equel to the time of the referee “meeting.”  All fines must be paid before the player returns from any game suspensions.  Receiving 8 minutes in penalties in one game will not result in a $40.00 fine.  If a player plays with out paying the fine, his/her team will be removed from the league and forfeit all games and team registration fees.  . 

General Code of Conduct and Policies

Sportsmanship and fair play are the hallmark of all adult recreation programs.  The League Director and or on ice Referees will deliver unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.  Any player receiving any of the following misconducts cannot receive another misconduct in the same season.  If a player commits a second misconduct in a single season including any Parks and Recreation Tournament he/she will be remove from Chapman Hill programming for one calendar year or longer if the Maximum ruling is longer.  The following penalties apply to all infractions in all leagues and tournaments including the Fall Fling (First Freeze program):


Fighting is defined as taking part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of a stick or other object as a weapon.

Fighting will result in the immediate removal of both players from the facility and a two game suspension and a $40 fine will be imposed.  The second fighting offence will result in a one season suspension.  If both players do not remove themselves from Chapman Hill within five minutes of being removed from the game, the game will result in a forfeit for one or both teams.  The offending team’s captain is responsible for the removal of a player from the premises. 


  • NO PLAYER SHALL refuse to abide by an official’s decision or be guilty of obscene gestures or objectionable demonstrations of dissent at official decision. Officials are required to suspend the player immediately from further play and report such player to the League Director.

      MINIMUM PENALTY: 1-game suspension and probation for the remainder of the season.

     MAXIMUM PENALTY: 3-game suspension and probation for the remainder of the season.

  • NO PLAYER SHALL (including coach) questioning or arguing with any official a decision reached by an official, except the captain.  Discussion must be only made in official play breaks not during play. The degree of infraction shall, in the official’s judgment, draw:

      MINIMUM PENALTY: Warning by the official.

      MAXIMUM PENALTY: Removal from the game.  This is misconduct with $40.00 fine.

  • NO PLAYER SHALL be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of an opposing player. Officials are required to suspend players immediately from further play and report such players to league director.

      MINIMUM PENALTY: 1-game suspension and probation for the remainder of the season.

     MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension for the remainder of the season

  • NO PLAYER SHALL be guilty of physical attack as an aggressor upon any player, official, employee or spectator.

    MINIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from all recreation activities for 2 years and probation for the following year.

    MAXIMUM PENALTY: A lifetime suspension from all recreation activities.

  • NO PLAYER SHALL appear at the facility under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a manner as to not have control of his/her faculties to the extent that he/she is inclined to hurt oneself or another player.  Discretion of the game officials

     MINIMUM PENALTY: 1-game suspension and probation for the remainder of the season.

     MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension for the remainder of the season.

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