Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League at
Chapman Hill Ice Rink and Ski Area

Presented by Skywalker Construction
Extreme Sports Team

2017/2018 DARHL Level 6

2017/2018 DARHL Level 6 Schedule

 Date  Time  Teams  Winner
 Sunday, December 3rd  5:15 pm  A and B vs C and D  AB 3-1
 Sunday, December 10th  5:15 pm
 A/C VS B/D  B/D 2-1
 Sunday, December 17th   5:15 pm
 A/D VS B/C  
 Sunday, January 14th  5:15 pm
 C/D VS A/B  
 Sunday, January 21st  5:15 pm
 B/D VS A/C  
 Sunday, January 28th   5:15 pm
 C/D VS A/B  
 Sunday, February 4th  11:15 am
 A/B VS C/D  
 Sunday, February 11th  5:15 pm
 A/C VS B/D  
 Sunday, February 18th  11:15 am
 A/D VS B/C  
 Sunday, February 25th  5:15 pm
 C/D VS A/B  
 Sunday, March 4th   5:15 pm
 B/D VS A/C  
 Sunday, March 11th  5:15 pm
 D/C VS A/D  
 Sunday, March 18th  5:15 pm
 A/B VS C/D  
 Sunday, April 1st  5:15 pm
 A/C VS B/D  
 Sunday, April 8th   5:15 pm
 A/D VS B/C  
 Sunday, April 15th  5:30 pm  Championship  


 Team  Win   Loss   Tie  Points
 Pod A  1  1  0  2
 Pod B  2  0  0  4
 Pod C  0  2  0  0
 Pod D  1  1  0  2

Goalies: Bob Grogan will be for first Pods listed and Ian Burnette will be for Second pods listed.


Pod A
 Player  GP 
 Noah Lopez  2
 Chad Carpenter  
 Zac Bumpers   1
 Jen Jardine  2
 Bill Winters  2
 Molley Cianccio  2
 Troy Slitter  1
 Odwyer???  1
 Cara-Lyn Lappen  1

Pod B
 Player GP 
 Ginger Domingos  1
 Scott McCellan  
 Hillary Wolfe  
 David Casey  
 Amanda Hawkins  1
 Jeff Schrefelbein  1
 Jackson Charrette  2

Pod C
 Player  GP 
 Breck Enoch  
 Wendy Settle  1
 Alli Wine  

Pod D
 Player  GP 
 Lauren Taylor  1
 Allie Burnett 
 Wayne Settle  
 Rosi Fry  
 Jeff Chamberlin  
 Emma Runquest  
 Caroline Woodward  2
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