Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League at
Chapman Hill Ice Rink and Ski Area

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Extreme Sports Team
Durango Adult Recreation Hockey League (DARHL) at Chapman Hill Ice Rink

Holiday Tournament registration is now OPEN
Register today for the 5 on 5 Holiday Tournament where all levels of play are mixed together with game emphasis on FUN!  Please sign up for the level that you play in the DARHL and players 13-17 years old should register with a parent to be eligible to play. Cost is $50/player.
Game times:
Wednesday, December 26: 8:15pm & 9:30pm
Thursday, December 27:  8:30pm & 9:45pm
Friday, December 28:  9:15pm & 10:30pm
Wednesday, January 2: 8:15pm & 9:30pm
Thursday, January 3:  8:30pm & 9:45pm
Friday, January 4:  9:15pm & 10:30pm

For more information, call 375-7395

Adult League schedule re-due will be out shortly! This be the final schedule so please know game times will change as we have to add in 10 games to the schedule do the Zamboni breakdown.
 Thank you for playing and enjoy the season. Please remember that there is a new rule book so look it over. Relax and have fun!

Adult Hockey Clinic 
In addition to Chapman Hill's Tuesday Morning Adult Hockey Clinic run by Titus Ziesel, there will be a Clinic held on Monday evenings, October 29th -December 17th, from 9:45pm- 10:45pm run by Fort Lewis College Head Hockey Coach Tim Dionne. Cost for both Clinics is $10/session.  

See you at the Rink!

 Check out our youth skate school and youth hockey programs!







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